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2855Heelo, I’m from windows tech department

posted by on juli 17th, 2014

Vanochtend kreeg ik een bijzonder telefoontje:

“Heelo, I’m from windows tech department, your computer is sending spam and viruses” (fijn, zij weet niet dat er geen microschoft producten in huis zijn)
“Oh no, really?”
“Yes, your computer is hacked. That is a crime”
“Noooo I am not a criminal. Help me!”
“I will help you: press the windows key plus L for Lomio. What do you see?”
“I see windows. Who is Lomio?”
“Hello, I’m Mike. I’m your technician”
“I am not a criminal!”
“Sir I want to help you, now type windows and R for Romeo”
“Ah now it works. It is OK now?”
“No, you must type exactly like I say: double U (…)
S like security”
“Yes: I like security!”
“I like India”
“I like India too!”
“Did you type (…)”
“Who is Yola? Did she hack my computer? I want to talk to Yola!”
“Heelo I am George. You are using Windows XP. Now press enter, what do you see?”
“Can you see my Windows XP???”
“Yes I can see that. Now press enter. What do you see?”
“I see naked women. Many many women. Thank you”
“No no you must click google connect”
“Under the women?”
“Yes under the women. Now what do you see?”
“I see dead people”
“I see dead people. I think they are hackers”
“Are you joking to me?”
“No, I am dead serious”
beep beep beep beep…..

Dat was de tweede keer hackfun na deze.



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