Alles wat aar zoal meemaakt

Pentax-M 100mm ob Eos-M

The good old Pentax-M 100mm F/2.8 is coupled to the new Eos-M camera using a PK-EM adapter. First thing to notice was the shaking… if you’re used to shake reduction in a camera body… A tripod helped to make the next pictures possible. They are:

  • Shot with various F settings: 2.8, 4.8, 8.0, 13.0
  • ISO 800 at Av setting
  • Shot in RAW and converted by AfterShot Pro; also the white balance was changed a little
  • 100% crops






F/8 offers the best quality, but F/5.6 would probably be just a good. Old Pentax glass on the Eos-M works great, especially videos will be fantastic!