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Hoya lenses 135mm and 200mm compared

A Hoya 135mm F/2.8 lens is compared to a Pentax-M 120mm at F/4:

Hoya 135mm F/4.0
Pentax-M 120mm F/4.0

And at F/8.0:

Hoya 135mm F/8.0
Pentax-M 120mm F/8.0

Conclusions: at F/8 there is not much difference, but at F/4 the Hoya is much sharper!
The Hoya is a bit bigger and heavier, but also a tad longer in focal length.


Let’s compare a Hoya 200mm F/3.5 with a Pentax-M 200mm F/4.0: first at F/5.6

Hoya 200mm F/5.6
Pentax-M 200mm F/5.6

And at F/11.0:

Hoya 200mm F/11
Pentax-M 200mm F/11

Conclusions: at F/5.6 the Hoya is a tad better, at F/11 there is not difference.
The Hoya is a bit longer and heavier – and does F3.5 instead of F/4.0. Both have a built-in shade.