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Hardware combinations

Sunpak 4205G in a softbox

4205 in sofbox The Sunpak 4205G does not connect to the foldable softbox by default. However, this way it is easy to fix!
It is best to use a 20 or 28mm diffuser with the flash for more even lighting of the front diffuser panel.
4205G in softbox

Combine 3 flashes

2 x 4205G + 1 Metz AF-48
2 x 4205G + 1 Metz AF-48
Connection detail

Combining 3 flashes for a lot of power is easy to do.
These are 2 x Sunpak 4205G and 1 x Metz Mecablitz AF-48.
The Sunpaks have a fixed “focal lenght” of 35mm and the Metz can be used from 18-105mm

At full power, the Metz at 105mm and iso 100 the measured Guide Number of the combination is:
F/20 at 3 meters
F/29 at 2 metres
F/36 at 1.5 metres
At 1 metre the guidenr would be around 60.

With a white Westcott shoot-through umbrella and the Metz at 35mm the Guide Number is F/16 at 2 metres, so F/32 at 1 metre.