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Sunpak auto 4205G Thyristor

The Sunpak auto 4205G Thyristor (also known as auto 544 in the US) is a classic professional “hammerhead” flash.

Some example studio shots to get an idea of the light output using several modifiers are below. The setup is:

  • Distance to wall: 200 cm
  • Wall width: 300 cm
  • Wall height: 240 cm and flash set at 120 cm height
  • Wallpaper: 2 colors is 70 cm width
  • Flash power setting: 1/2
  • Camera settings: 100 ISO, 1/125 sec, 16mm (APS-C), aperture set every shot after measuring using a flash meter

Light distribution and intensity

4205 bare F/13 Bare flash, F/13 lightbeam 35mm = 60 deg
4205 28mm diffuser F/9 Using a 28mm diffuser = 74deg. F/9
4205 20mm diffuser F/6.3 Using a 20mm difuser = 90 deg. F/6.3
4205 with 1/4 Using a 1/4″ grid. F/13
4205 with 1/8 Using a 1/8″ grid. F/13
4205 with TL-3 converter @ T1 = 85mm Using a TL-3 converter @ T1 = 85mm F/16
4205 with TL-3 converter @ T2 = 135mm Using a TL-3 converter @ T2 = 135mm F/16
4205 with foldable reflector F/5.6 Using a foldable reflector. F/5.6
4205 with shoot-through umbrella F/6.3 Shooting through a Westcott umbrella. F/6.3
4205 with reflecting umbrella F/5.0 Shooting in a reflecting Westcott umbrella. F/5.0
4205 in 60x60cm single diffuser softbox F/7.1 In a 60x60cm softbox with single diffuser. F/7.1
4205 bouncing off the ceiling F/5.0 Bouncing off the ceiling (causing some color shifting). F/5.0

Hotspots with several modifiers

4205 bare in refl. umbrella Without modifiers in reflecting umbrella
4205 with 28mm diffuser in reflecting umbrella With 28mm difuser in reflecting umbrella
4205 bare through umbrella Without modifier through umbrella
4205 with 28mm diffuser through umbrella With 28mm diffuser through umbrella
4205 bare in 60x60cm softbox Without modifier in 60x60cm single diffuser softbox
4205 with foldable reflector Using a foldable reflector

Casting shadows

4205 flash with reflecting umbrella Shadow using the flash in a reflecting umbrella: very soft light
4205 and 60x60cm softbox Using a 60x60cm softbox the light is much harder